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Results from an independent prospective resource study and report were announced by Frontera Energy and CGX Energy for the offshore Guyana Corentyne North Area, Corentyne Main Area and Demerara blocks. A total of 32 prospects were identified in the study in both blocks (27 in the Corentyne Block and five in the Demerara Block): the unrisked volume is 6.089 MMboe and the risked volume is 1.09 MMboe. The prospects are oil (64%), gas (28%) and the remainder condensate (8%). An exploration well in the Corentyne block at #1-Kawa is planned in the second half of 2021 and will target a stratigraphic trap in Campanian-Santonian-aged rocks. In the Demerara block, exploration well #1-Makarapan will be targeting an Aptian stratigraphic prospect on the block.


Neptune Energy is planning a four-well development test in the U.K. portion of the North Sea. The Seagull prospect will be in PL1622, Block 22/29C. Seagull is expecting to produce 50,000 boe/d (gross). The prospect is a HP/HT development. The proven and probable gross reserves are estimated at 50 MMboe. Neptune is the operator of Seagull and PL1622 and Block 22/29C.


Equinor announced an oil and gas discovery about 18 km southwest of Troll Field in PL 923. The target for exploration well #31/1-2 S was to prove petroleum in the Middle Jurassic Brent and Cook. The #31/1-2 S encountered a 145-m gas column (Etive and Oseberg) and a 24-m oil column. The sandstone reservoir was 50-m thick with good reservoir quality. In addition, a 6-m, oil-bearing sandstone with moderate to poor reservoir quality was found in the upper part of Dunlin. It was drilled to 3,555 m and bottomed in Jurassic Amundsen. The target for #31/1-2 A was to delineate the discovery made in Brent. The well hit good quality sandstones with good reservoir quality in Etive and the upper part of Oseberg. The lower part of Oseberg contained sandstone with moderate to poor reservoir quality. An estimated total of 41 m of effective sandstone reservoir was found in the two formations. The well proved 12 m of oil in Etive and a 17-m oil column in Oseberg. The Cook formation proved to be water-filled in both wells. Well #31/1-2 A was drilled to 3,876 m and bottom in Cook. Recoverable resources are estimated 44–69 MMbbl of oil equivalent.bbl of oil equivalent.

South Africa

Tower Resources announced updated resource estimates following interpretation of the reprocessing of additional 2D seismic data covering the Algoa-Gamtoos license, offshore South Africa. The company’s reprocessing work encompassed 4,500 km of 2D seismic data already collected and also further data acquired from the Petroleum Authority of South Africa, including tie lines from Brulpadda to the Algoa-Gamtoos area. The results indicate a deeper level slope (as seen at Brulpadda) and three separate reservoir targets—a shallow section estimated at an unrisked Pmean recoverable resource of 470 MMboe, a previously unidentified deeper slope section with an unrisked Pmean recoverable resource of 231 MMboe and a previously unidentified basin floor fan section has an unrisked Pmean recoverable resources of 710 MMboe. In addition, a submarine fan complex in the shallow-water Gamtoos area of the license was identified during the survey, which is estimated to contain an unrisked Pmean recoverable resource of 135 MMboe. The Algoa-Gamtoos license is located adjacent to Total’s Blocks 11B/12B, where Total has made discoveries in excess of 1 Bboe.


PTT Exploration and Production announced a shallow-water gas discovery at the first exploration well, #1-Dokong, in Block SK417 off the coast of Sarawak, Malaysia. The venture was targeting gas in the sandstone reservoir and was drilled to 3,810 m. The well encountered a gas column of more than 80 m. A second exploration well will be drilled later in 2021 as part of the exploration campaign.


Petronas announced an oil discovery in the offshore Java North Madura II Production Sharing Contract in Indonesia. Exploration well #1-Hidayah was drilled to 2,739 m. In encountered an oil-bearing carbonate buildup with good reservoir qualities in Ngimbang Carbonate. It was tested flowing approximately 2,100 bbl/d of oil with good crude quality. Additional testing is planned. Petronas is also the operator for the Bukit Tua oil and gas field offshore East Java.


China National Offshore Oil Co. has announced a large oil and gas discovery at #13-2 Bozhong in Bohai Bay. The venture was drilled in the southwestern ring of the Bozhong Sag in Bohai Bay. Area water depth is approximately 23 m. The well was drilled to 5,223 m and encountered oil pay zones with a total thickness of approximately 346 m. It initially flowed about 1,980 bbl of crude and 5.25 MMcf of gas per day.

—By Larry Prado, Activity Editor
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