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Bahamas Petroleum encountered hydrocarbons at #1-Perseverance in the Cooper Block offshore the Bahamas. The well was drilled to approximately 3,900 m. It will be permanently plugged and abandoned. The exploration well had a planned depth of 4,800 m and was testing multiple potential reservoir horizons continuously through the Albian and Aptian aged formations, targeting P50 prospective oil resources of 770,000 bbl, with an upside of 1.44 Bbbl.


Petrobras completed a Campos Basin hydrocarbon discovery in Block C-M-411. The #1-BRSA-1377-RJS (Urissane) was drilled in approximately 2,950 m of water, and it encountered oil in the presalt section of the reservoirs. Additional testing in the area is planned to assess the potential of the discovery.


UK Oil & Gas has announced results from a report of the Loxley Portland gas discovery in PEDL234. The report indicates a a mean case, gross gas-in-place of 49 Bcf. According to the company, results further underline the estimate that the 48-sq-km Loxley geological structure contains significant gas volumes of about 4 Bcf to 5 Bcf per year on an energy equivalent basis. The company is planning to drill #1-Loxley in the second half of 2021.


Eni has been awarded a new production license, P2511, in the U.K. sector of the North Sea. According to the company, P2511 encompasses approximately 340 sq km near the U.K./Norway maritime boundary. Area water depth ranges from 100 m to 130 m. The license includes blocks 9/23c, 9/24a, 9/27a, 9/28c and 9/29b for an initial exploration period of six years.


Equinor received a drilling permit from the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate for wildcat well #31/11-1 S in PL 785 S. The area in this license consists of parts of blocks 26/2 and 31/11, and it is south of Troll Field, which is one of the largest oil fields on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. This is the first exploration well to be drilled in the license.


Ganoub El Wadi Petroleum Holding Co. (Ganope) plans to drill 11 exploration wells in the western portion of the Red Sea in Egyptian territorial waters. The exploration program in blocks 1 through 9 was recently approved by the Egyptian Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources. Seismic surveying is underway, and a second phase of surveying is planned from this year. Ganope anticipates an average total production of 27,600 bbl/d of oil.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Aramco announced two new oil and gas fields in northern Saudi Arabia. According to the company, the new Abraq al-Toloul oil field in the Northern Borders Province flowed at a rate of 3,189 bbl/d of Arab light crude oil, with 3.5 MMcf/d of gas. Hadabat al Hajara gas field in the neighboring al-Jauf Province has a production rate of 16 MMcf/d of gas, along with 1,944 bbl of oil condensate, according to country’s energy minister. Aramco plans to estimate the total amount of oil and gas in the two fields, and it is drilling more wells to determine the boundary areas and capacities.


A gas condensate discovery was reported by Oil and Gas Development Co. at #1-Sial in Hyderabad District in Sindh Province, Pakistan. The well was drilled to 2,442 m. It initially flowed 1.146 MMcf of gas and 680 bbl of condensate per day from Lower Goru during testing on a 32/64-inch choke. The wellhead flowing pressure was 460 psi.


An offshore Malaysia gas discovery was announced by PTT Exploration and Production. An appraisal well, #2-Lang Lebah in the Sarawak SK 410B prospect, encountered a 600-m gas pay zone. Flow testing indicated it would produce 50 MMcf/d of gas. The well was drilled to a total depth of 4,320 m, and it is in the joint Malaysia-Indonesia venture area in the South China Sea off the island of Borneo. Additional testing is planned.


China National Offshore Oil Corp. announced a discovery in the Pearl River Mouth Basin in Huizhou Sag in Zhu1 Depression. According to the company, the discovery holds approximately 3.14 Bboe. The #1-HZ26 exploration well is in Huizou 26-6 Field. It was tested flowing about 2,020 bbl of oil and 15.36 MMcf of gas per day. The well was drilled in 370 ft of water to about 14,028 ft and hit approximately 1,385 ft of pay. It is one of the largest oil and gas fields discovered to date in the Pearl River Mouth Basin.

—By Larry Prado, Activity Editor
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